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There are many records of His public prayer, but He also was a man of private, personal prayer. It goes without saying that if prayer was so important to Jesus, how much more important it ought to be to us. Perhaps the reason we fail to give priority in prayer is because we are not doing much in the service of God. You would think that pre-existent God, the Creator and Sovereign Ruler of the Universe, if He became a man would be the most prestigious and honored man in the world. Just before the last supper, Jesus took a basin of water and a towel and began to wash the disciples' feet.

Imagine, the God of all creation acted as a slave by washing the feet of the disciples as an example of serving others.

What is Jesus Doing Now? - Ascension

Even from the cross, Jesus prayed for His murderers, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do" Lk. For those of us who are born again, Jesus has forgiven every sin of our past, present and future. Have you trusted Christ as your Savior today? Why not come and find the forgiveness of sin and the promise of eternal life? Come to Jesus today. Mostly these fads are harmless enough, just a bit tacky, and sometimes perhaps a little insipid but nothing really to get upset about.

They too will pass and do no real damage to the Kingdom. Marketers have to make a living too. And though I think it a little adolescent, it is no big deal. A number of emails, cards and advertising blurbs have recently crossed my desk telling me that THIS little logo is THE cutting edge of responsible Christian living.

What would Jesus do?

First, the very question itself borders on blasphemy. Jesus was the incarnate Son of God. We cannot always know let alone DO, what Jesus would do. If we saw thousands of people hungry, could we do what Jesus would do, i. If we were out on a boat and the wind and waves threaten to capsize us, could we still the waters with a word?

Michael Foster guest sermon - What Would Jesus Do?

Could you do what Jesus did if the IRS man came and demanded an unlawful tax? For example, say Jesus was driving in bumper-to-bumper freeway traffic I have visions of Him parting the Los Angeles rush hour traffic jam like Charlton Heston… sorry! Would Jesus just smile and drive on His way?

In His first advent, He might have because He was in His state of humiliation.

I Peter 2:21

He came to serve, not be served. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez D-N. Ed Markey D-Mass. The main national organization for the egalitarian spiritual movement, which has over 1, churches in the U.

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The announcements bring new momentum to the effort to advance a sweeping national industrial plan to eliminate planet-warming emissions and provide millions of Americans with good-paying jobs that fortify infrastructure and build renewable energy—at a moment when that plan is facing fierce opposition. The religious endorsements could give the Green New Deal appeal in conservative districts as activists urge candidates to adopt its framework.

Throughout American history, Christian clergy have taken leading roles in progressive social movements.

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During the civil rights era, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. When the so-called culture war shifted to fights over evolution, abortion and LGBTQ rights, a new generation of religious hardliners with national TV platforms forged a powerful conservative voting bloc. Yet the number of actual Christian deniers has plummeted over the past four years as mounting natural disasters, increasingly grave scientific forecasts and a rapidly growing political movement erase doubt over the cause of planetary changes.

And new research published last week shows that religious messaging on climate resonates with Christians who already understand the crisis. Climate change, said evangelical Rev. Yet, for others, the latest string of endorsements are less about the redirection of entrenched institutions than about the political diversity of American Christianity.

What would Jesus do?: The rise of a slogan

Kevin Drum. Claudia Dreifus. Laura Bliss.