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It also channels the energy fields running stress throughout the body in order to achieve the balance necessary for optimised living. Through the rebalancing of these energy fields, aches and pains will recede to be replaced by feelings of both calmness and well-being. A Thai massages,inwhich bundles of therapeutic herbs are wrapped in cloth and then steamed before being used as compresses.

The healing elements from the herbs are released onto the body and then massaged in, providing a synergy of natural elements combined with touch which stimulates good blood circulation and is especially effective for deep muscle aches and the alleviation of joint pain. The additional of heat in this technique makes its therapeutic elements more powerful. It is highly recommended as an option to follow a Thai Traditional Massage. Massage focusing on the significant head, back, neck and shoulder muscles.

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Utilising Tiger Balm, this treatment relieves pain whilst dissolving exhaustion and tension which is then replaced by strength and rejuvenation. A deep relaxing massage using hot stones placed in strategic sites on the body to help open up meridians or energy lines. The heated stones make deep tissue manipulation easier to achieve whilst also assisting in the release of toxins and improving circulation. This particular treatment has been found to be particularly effective in the relief of insomnia and is seen as an ideal treatment for the alleviation of stress.

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We are pleased to encourage parents to share the joy and relaxed feeling of professional massage with their children. It is a lovely way to spend holiday time and introduce your children to the magic of massage. Parents and children will be in the same room during treatment.

Pure pleasure is experienced through the skin leading to a glowing radiance. This treatment exfoliates and hydrates your skin, removing impurities and encouraging youthful rejuvenation. Facebook Twitter Google.

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