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Hospitals most frequently use municipal bonds via cities and counties for financing projects. In the case of municipal bonds, the state, city, political subdivision, or authority that borrows money through the sale of bonds is known as the issuer. The public entity is the issuer even in cases where the borrower is an entity other than the issuer.

Municipal Bonds and Nonprofit Hospitals

For example, the City of Minneapolis can issue municipal bonds on behalf of Allina or other nonprofit healthcare corporations. If a nonprofit hospital uses municipal bonds to finance new construction and development, it indicates that, much like publicly traded corporations are accountable to shareholders, they are beholden to their bondholders.

Bondholders can range from individuals, to mutual funds, to large commercial banks. In the years since the financial crisis, U. This increase should concern all of us. If big banks are invested in the financial success of hospitals through their ability to repay bonds, how is this impacting the quality of patient care in our hospitals?

The Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds (a review)

Are hospitals prioritizing paying interest to their corporate bondholders over providing safe patient care? Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.


Skip to content. Municipal Bonds and Nonprofit Hospitals. Areyou a novice who wonders how to invest in bonds?

Fundamentals of Municipal Bonds (e-bok) | SIFMA | ARK Bokhandel

She lays out thebasics. Examples are easy to follow-even the mathematical ones thatare critical to explaining how municipal bonds work.

At the sametime, there is plenty of meat for the pros. Whether you need tostart from square one and learn all about municipal bonds and howthey work, or need a ready reference for specific technicalquestions you run across as a market professional, this book is foryou. JudyWesalo Temel has done the impossible: she has clearly andinsightfully explained how we finance the development of thenation's vital public infrastructure.

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This is an important book,one that will be required reading for professionals responsible forplanning, designing, and evaluating publicly financed projects-thehealth care, transportation, and educational facilities that allcitizens rely upon. The bond market is an essential element in thelife of local and state government, and this book makes itunderstandable to all Americans. The Security for Municipal Bonds.

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The Financing Process. Assessing the Impact of the Debt.

Bonds (Corporate Bonds, Municipal Bonds, Government Bonds, etc.) Explained in One Minute

Measures of Yield and Return. Credit Analysis.

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The Rating Process. Other Factors Affecting Credit. Term Structure of Interest Rates.

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