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Liujin heads out to build a life in Pebble Town, a surreal frontier town at the foot of Snow Mountain. Through a series of different viewpoints, the life of the town is revealed — along with tensions between civilization and not, the sublime and the not, beauty and not.


An Arrangement of Skin: Essays by Anna Journey : This lyrical debut essay collection is a revelry in the form, with suicide hotline calls, pirate-themed rum, taxidermy and campfire ghost stories running into and over each other. Marlena: A Novel by Julie Buntin : In rural Michigan, Cat and Marlena fall into an obsessive friendship that will shape both their futures — especially as Marlena will be dead within the year.

Thirty-five years later, Cat must learn to forgive herself even when faced with tangled ghosts of the past. Exploring addiction, loss and love, this debut novel is sure to captivate. Sympathy: A Novel by Olivia Sudjic : How do you get to know someone when it feels like you already do? Their subsequent relationship explodes in sex and lies.

Redmond and more — examines the past, present and futures of Black radicalism through a scholarly lens. Linking activist connections across Ferguson, Palestine, Baltimore, and Hong Kong, as well as Black resistance and anti-capitalism, Futures of Black Radicalism is necessary reading for forward motion. Double Bind: Women on Ambition edited by Robin Romm : It can still be hard for women to admit ambition — to want, to take, to be aggressive, to always strive for more.

This essay collection — with contributors including Roxane Gay, Molly Ringwald, Nadia Manzoor, Allison Barrett Carter, Theresa Rebeck and more — addresses aspirations, identity, achievement and success.

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Notes of a Crocodile by Qiu Miaojin , translated by Bonnie Huie : Written as a postmodern series of journal entries, notes and vignettes by one of the first openly queer writers in post-martial-law Taiwan, Notes of a Crocodile tells the story of a group of disaffected queers at a prestigious Taipei university. With notes of optimism, idealism, corrosion and experience, this newly translated cult classic functions as a survival guide for queers everywhere.

And AAWA has an excerpt. In this debut short story collection, Arndt investigates the boundaries of bodies: of genders, of the knowable, of the possible. Queer, nonconforming and undefined bodies take the lead, and constantly negotiate a search for understanding, self-destruction and love. This book might help. A combination of history and pop culture analyses and interviews, Witches, Sluts, Feminists is a look at the fact of this demonization, and how women fight against it and misogyny to reclaim themselves, along with pleasure, queerness, porn, sex work, reproductive rights and more.

Her much-anticipated memoir of food, self-image and her body is an intimate, revealing look at desire, denial and learning to take care of yourself. I went back to these stories I was writing when I was in my early twenties, and it was a sweet little reunion. Spinning by Tillie Walden : Skating, sexuality and coming of age meet in this autobiographical comic by artist and writer Walden. She lives in Los Angeles by way of Montreal and Toronto.

Find her on twitter or instagram. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. This list is literal heaven. Seems like my book expenses will only go up in I love this list! Carolyn has written articles for us. You May Also Like Log in to Reply. Buy, rent or watch 'The Time Machine'. So few films stand entirely alone. Buy, rent or watch 'Repo Man'. Make Room!

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Where our food comes from today is more shady and dystopian than ever. Show this one to an organics-only freak you love.

Buy, rent or watch 'Soylent Green'. The most renowned anime film made outside Studio Ghibli opens with an apparent nuclear explosion in Tokyo, ends with a Big Bang and hardly lets up in between.

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The plot is far too unwieldy to be summarised here; suffice to say that it involves biker gangs, wrinkled little children and psychokinetic mutants wreaking havoc in a post-apocalyptic Japan. Buy, rent or watch 'Akira'. All of which gave screenwriting brothers Jim and John Thomas an idea…. With Sly tied up with 'Rocky V', Arnie stepped in to play Dutch, the military tough guy who takes his top team of wisecracking mercenaries into the Latin American jungle to rescue American hostages, before terrorists turn out to be the least of their problems. But of course the climax sees Old Ironballs taking the creature on single-handed, duking it out in the mud, mano-a-mano.

Buy, rent or watch 'Predator'. The world that the characters inhabit, at once futuristic and primordial, looks like a cross between Tatooine and a Dali dreamscape: dinosaurs mingle with tentacled aliens while headless humanoid statues abruptly spring to life. Buy, rent or watch 'Fantastic Planet'.

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The set-up is fairly simple: an alien lands on Earth and tries to fit in while also having to sate an appetite for human flesh by assuming the form of a beautiful woman Johansson and luring keen men to their deaths. Like much superior sci-fi, the genre elements mainly exist to cast new light on our world as it is. Buy, rent or watch 'Under the Skin'. Satire in science fiction is nothing new — but creating a perfect balance of entertainment and politics requires a particular set of skills. The attacks against American imperialism and Hollywood shallowness come thick and fast, culminating in one of the most striking images in all of sci-fi as Neil Patrick Harris, in full Gestapo dress, prepares to send a platoon of terrified teenage boys into battle.

Buy, rent or watch 'Starship Troopers'. Another film that balances on the edge of science fiction — perhaps explaining its relatively low placing on this list. Rumours of a reboot emerge on an almost daily basis. Buy, rent or watch 'Ghostbusters'. Is Carl Sagan the unsung hero of modern science fiction? Buy, rent or watch 'Contact'. Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore Twombly, a middle-aged man who lives alone in an apartment overlooking a skyline of skyscrapers the film was partly shot in Shanghai and whose day job involves writing emotional handwritten letters on behalf of strangers.

Theodore is going through a divorce and falls head over heels in love with an operating system, Samantha, voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Rather than go heavy on developments in technology, Jonze prefers to use them to explore more timeless ideas about love, relationships and what we expect from a partner. Buy, rent or watch 'Her'. No one saw this one coming. Buy, rent or watch 'District 9'. But is it all just a dream, a memory, a Messianic vision — or all of the above?

The script is bursting at the seams with wild ideas. Buy, rent or watch 'Total Recall'. Never a critical favourite, the French filmmaking magnate Luc Besson has resolutely persisted in following his own idiosyncratic taste, and this wayward fantasy has an individuality distinct from Hollywood formula.

Soulful Sex: Opening Your Heart, Body, & Spirit To Lifelong Passion

But boy, did Besson assemble a crack team to visualise it. Buy, rent or watch 'They Live'. Unable to manage their waste output, humans have evacuated Earth, leaving robots behind to clean up the mess. Soon enough, though, they have other problems to worry about, like the bouncy alien — who looks like a beach ball with claws — wandering the corridors, or the malfunctioning talking bomb that tries to existentially justify its need to explode and kill everyone onboard.

Buy, rent or watch 'Dark Star'. The next time you hear a friend bemoaning the Hollywood remake factory, send them a link to this list. As the film progresses, the clammy hand of paranoia tightens its grip — and the final shot is a sucker-punch like no other. Buy, rent or watch 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers'. The film admirably credits the audience with the intelligence to decipher the clues in its elliptical narrative, gradually picking its way towards a state somewhere between paranoid anxiety and head-spinning dizziness.

Buy, rent or watch 'Primer'.

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For this story, Page and co are employed on an upping-the-ante mission: to insert rather than remove an idea into the head of a corporate bigwig Cillian Murphy in order to sate the ambitions of a business rival Ken Watanabe. Most memorable are some jaw-dropping set pieces where Nolan and his team ostentatiously flex their special-effects muscles, most notably a scene that sees Page and DiCaprio walk through Paris as the streets appear to fold up and over before their eyes.

Buy, rent or watch 'Inception'. With his orange hair and a perceptible coked-up jitteriness, Bowie is perfect as the alien, Thomas Jerome Newton: spiky, awkward, uncomfortable in his own skin. But the real stranger in this strange land was cult director Nicolas Roeg, fascinated by the American Southwest — its listless nurses the brilliant Candy Clark and bored college professors a fearless Rip Torn.