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Eastern Oregon: Aug. Western Oregon: Aug.

SW Additional: Aug. General Statewide: Jan. Coast Buck Area: Sept. Successful hunter with a Cascade elk. Photo by Brian Ferry. First Season: Oct. Elk 1st Season.

Second Season: Nov. Elk 2nd Season. First Season: Nov. Open Season: Aug. Open Season: Sept.

open season

Controlled hunt tags are limited and are available only through a drawing or lottery. They must be applied for in advance through the control hunt process and are usually required for hunts in eastern Oregon. The deadline to apply for controlled hunt tags is May 15 each year, except for spring bear hunts where the application deadline is Feb.

Hunting and fishing licenses are generally valid for the calendar year. The exceptions are game bird hunting permits and validations Bighorn sheep and Rocky Mountain goat the rarest game mammals in Oregon today, with less than bighorn sheep tags Sign up to take a hunter education course -- find online options, order a workbook or register for a traditional class.

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Finding a place to hunt can be a challenge -- even in a state that's 50 percent public land. This map will help you find access for your next hunt.

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Current conditions and opportunities to fish, hunt and view wildlife. Updated weekly by fish and wildlife biologists throughout the state.

open season

Sign up for ODFW email updates. Do you have a question or comment for ODFW? A fourth revision of the An archery hunter was attacked by a grizzly bear Saturday near Gardiner, sustaining wounds to his arm and face. The hunter and his partner were in the Beattie Gulch area and surprised a sow and Over years ago, sauger fish were abundant in the North Platte River.

By a U.

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Flip through the online magazine below, or read and share individual articles about hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. Wolves, grizzly bears and even Open Season , by Tri-State Livestock News, The Fence Post and Farmer Rancher Exchange, features articles about pheasant hunting, duck habitat conservation, fly fishing the Bighorn, hunting coyotes with hounds, a dream hunt for Kodiak It looks like a dozer track.

The ruts can be three feet deep. What kind of equipment caused that much damage? Biological equipment.

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Feral hogs. On the rolling hills of the South Dakota prairie, adventure awaits. With a solid pointing dog and comfortable hunting boots, hunters can find a unique hunting experience. The targets?

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Sharp-tailed grouse and the greater prairie One of his guides, Jim Daine,