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Now I am Free. They don't understand, No matter what i tell my friends, They don't know who i am They criticize me and don't know me. It hurts so badly,.

Fight the Fear. Graceless, the sinking soils, a cold thorn between Venusian thighs Had pierced her bud so aggressively, Despite my vociferous efforts, To keep him away: Above the lands, I find the tattered remains of letters. It's NOT the Gun! Why do they keep doing this to me? Don't they know I'm F'ed up on several meds? That I'm emotionally unstable? Caged Heat. Rainbows follow the storms, I am a storm that became the Rainbow.


What did I do to deserve this life sentence? I sit alone and cry, stuck in my thoughts trying to find a way to break free from all this pain and misery. Fear that Future Ahead of You. Am I Good Enough? Tune for Two. Summer Again. Starry Night.

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Cliff of Prose as Metaphor for Resilience. Vast and deep, cavernous and abyssal, gaping and yawning, such was the endless nature of my trepidation, full-bodied, looming, that omniscient shadow, solidifying, forming chains, holding fast,.

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Pit Bull Speeches. Why do you have an accent? My Dwelling. Home is a place where love lies and family resides. Home is not a place where buildings are constructed. It is a place where flowers do not always. I was picked on. The Journey. It was a looming figure, the shapeless ones you see in the dark enshrouded by a halo; A halo with no recognizable source. It was a ravenous beast. Letting Go. They were unrelenting.

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A tough mind of delight, Raised by the fire not light, A shinny hair of the goddess of the night, Who dares to take hold of the blight,. Stand Up.

The cogs of a clock for a mind, Always churning. A razor blade for a tongue, And the eyes of a predator, daring you to challenge.

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Countenance the Rain. Rain patter-pitters on the windowsill. Shouts echo through the hall- broken glass, hours pass. The Color Of You. Blue used to be my favorite color. Your eyes were like looking at the sky on a perfect summer day. But skies turn to storms and you struck me harder than any lightening bolt. When faced with dangerWe must stare it in the faceAnd scream.

It is in our human nature. Arrivals and departures They ask us why we always leave them. Time Flies. My childhood was a lime-green twist car that raced fast across the living room.

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" ― performed by Heather Ordover & Jesse Cornett (classic fiction)

Thirty laps to go, around an oval track with a dining table, in the middle. My sister a cosplayed. I Am Strong. I am prisoner to Insecurity.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow: Rabbit Ears: A Classic Tale (Spotlight) (Unabridged)

How do I get out? How do I set myself free? Insecurity has a friend: Anxiety. Listen let me tell you. Out to Sea. I took my dark thoughts down to the seashore, But they just stayed inside or behind me. I don't want to be with them anymore, So I treid to free them out to sea.

No matter how hard I try to let them go,. Fear of heights, and falling from tall skyscrapers—. The War in Me. Beowulf versus Grendel A classic tale of battle, which continues in me. My Grendel has terrorized me for years, Sinking her claws deep into my soul Every day I fight back — Becoming my own hero.

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My best moments were ten years ago. Being able to jump in my parents bed Feeling the warmth of their sheets. Not thinking that one day I would have to let go. My family was once a completed puzzle. Salt my Earth. My fingers hurt, but not as bad as before. Maybe because the numbness is going away and the actual pain is revealing itself.

But sometimes pain like that is good, if only because it means we are healing On Being Vulnerable. The Past.


The past is a renewable resource, A chance to add to my short repertoire. The timeline can show lessons in mem'ries, and old, never-been-heard-before stories. The past is my not-so-secret garden,. Tears stain your cheeks. You come to school every day, In a mess of mascara.