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To say I have some serious hot pot inspiration and aspiration is an understatement.

Simple Fried Rice Recipes That Are Awesome • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show

But as usual, my cravings have set me to the task! Cooking at the table is the essence of the hot pot. To do so, you can either go classic-style with a divided pot for serving more than one broth, or if you go simple style with just a single broth, you can hack the hot pot and use a deep sided electric fry pan or your Instant Pot instead. You can also find hot pots with grills at their base to grill your meats and seafood before combining with your broth in the pot that sits on top. Hot pots are also available as the pot only that can be warmed at the table on a butane heater or an electric burner.

Think one mild and one spicy. Or a broth that goes with beef and a broth that works with veggies or seafood. Because the broth will become more and more flavorful as it becomes more infused with the ingredients cooking in it, starting with a simple but balanced broth is totally acceptable, and actually, preferable. I chose two different broths for our hot pot time machine. I pulled the recipe straight from the McCormick recipe website after reading about it in the McCormick Flavor Forecast report. The sky is really the limit here. Just think about veggies that go with Asian flavors and you pretty much have your recipe for deliciousness.

Or, why not both?

Whichever I use, I cook the noodles while the broth is simmering and have them available in a bowl just like all the rest of my ingredients. Thinly, VERY thinly sliced beef and or pork. This is pretty much a non-negotiable. I buy it pre-sliced from my Asian market where they sell wagyu cuts in paper thin slices that cook in about 30 seconds. If you slice the beef yourself, choose a high grade, fatty cut like ribeye or short ribs and pop it in the freezer fro minutes so it becomes firmer and easier to slice as thinly as possible. Asian beef meatballs.

These are usually found in the freezer section and are pre-cooked so really, the just need to be warmed in the broth. Shrimp, crab, or fish. Next to the tofu, shrimp is my favorite addition to my hot pot bowl. It works well in either broth and always tastes a-okay. If using crab or lobster, precut the shells so they are easy to extract the meat from. Mussels, clams and other crustaceans are also popular.

And the classic florescent fish cake is kind of fun to throw in too. Mild white fish and scallops are also great seafood options.

Not sure what to cook?

If you mak e this recipe, please let me know! This post is in partnership with McCormick. As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.

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Healthy General Tso’s Chicken

I could not be more in love with this post if I tried!!! My husband heard about it from one of his coworkers who had gone oversees and come back talking about the experience. We found a local restaurant and went, it was SUCH a cool experience. Thank you so much, cannot wait to make this.

We love Korean food and we lived in Korea soon after we were married. Have never tried Hot Pot cooking, but I have an electric skillet and plan to give it a go. Looks and sounds delicious! Hotpot is favorite in our house, so much that we have it twice a month. We use a stock pot on an induction burner and our favorite carb is Chinese glass noodles! Thank you for the cooking tip Rowena!

And I need to try Chinese glass noodles, anything and everything that slurps works for me! The hot pot just as perfect for entertaining as it is for a simple but fun dinner at home with the family. Vent pot and release pressure before opening and carefully remove lid.

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My family loves hot pots too! They are just perfect when the cold months finally started. Please Keep Them Coming. Thank you! Gonna try the recipe you shared. The chicken needs to be completely removed from the pan, and the sauce needs to boil for minutes. This is totally fine! Your sauce might look a little dark than these photos simply due to the ingredients you use. Pin this recipe for later. Love this! It totally will Wendy! This recipe was delicious, giving the Pad Thai a try the week!

Thanks for the inspiration! Orange chicken is one of my favorites too! Love the sound of this healthy version! The chicken looks delicious!

Learn how to make Chinese food at home with these easy recipes inspired by restaurants.

Hi Sammy — If you want more sauce to put on rice you can just double the sauce ingredients! I mean… Takeout is kinda amazing when you need something quick! Who could totally pass it up!? Can we substitute it with something else. Hi Nida, Coconut aminos are pretty much everywhere! I would check in your grocery store near the soy sauce — you may have never noticed them before. My sauce did not thicken I had to add a thickener. Will have to make some adjustments and try again! Did you follow the directions on the time for the sauce? It needs to simmer for at least minutes before it will thicken.

It needs to boil for at least minutes before it will thicken. Just regular orange juice purchased from the store. Just tried this tonight and it was great, but way too spicy for my toddler and I was nervous to eat it because I am nursing. I think maybe less pepper and omitting the red pepper flakes in the future will make it less spicy — Thoughts? Super good. Made enough for 5 meals. My first time cooking raw chicken lol. Next time I will cut it after the initial cooking while the sauce boils. Do I just keep the sauce on med-high the whole time? Hi Brian — Per the direction, the chicken needs to be cubed prior to cooking it.

Easy Fried Rice Recipe - Spend With Pennies

You need to keep the sauce on medium to high heat and boil it. It will thicken after minutes. It is sooooo tasty and I love how the sauce thickens and coats the chicken. I gave it to my husband to try and he was so shocked to hear that it was all healthier ingredients. This is as close as you can get to the real thing and in my opinion better, because you feel great about what you are putting into your body!

It is one of my favorite dinners to make! And I totally agree- I love that you can feel better about eating this vs takeout!! My husband and I really enjoyed this recipe. It has already been added to our dinner rotation!