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Find Out More. About Our Team. Meet Our Team. Find Us. Contact Us:. Group Counseling. Christian counseling is distinct from secular counseling. According to the International Association of Biblical Counselors, Biblical counseling "seeks to carefully discover those areas in which a Christian may be disobedient to the principles and commands of Scripture and to help him learn how to lovingly submit to God's will. Christian counseling began in the end of the s [ citation needed ] leading into the s with the Biblical Counseling Movement directed by Jay E.

Adams's book Competent to Counsel [3] advocated a Christian-based approach which differed from the psychological and psychiatric solutions of the time.

As a devout Protestant , Adams believed that it was the job of the church to heal people who he believed were morally corrupt, but labeled by society as mentally ill. He rejected other models of counseling, such as the medical model , which gave clients a medical diagnosis based on a list of their behaviors or actions. Adams believed the lists of maladaptive behaviors listed under each diagnostic category were actually behaviors emanating from our volitional nature, rather than an illness.

Maladaptive behaviors, he maintained, are a matter of sin and therefore subject to confrontation and education in God's word, exhorting the client to choose behavior that is obedient to God's word, thus removing the sin in their life. Adams disagreed with any attempt to reclassify behavior that removed people from complete responsibility for their choices.


Adams gained converts but also lost popularity among people as well. The term "nouthetic" derives from the Greek word noutheteo , meaning "to admonish". Prior to this movement, counseling had become [ when? Charles Darwin questioned the book of Genesis and how life began in his book On the Origin of Species , published in This caused panic in the church [ which?

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Following in that direction, Wilhelm Wundt , a main contributor [ citation needed ] to the scientific method , introduced it to psychology and claimed that one's biological makeup was the reason why humans are the way they are. He was one of the main drivers behind psychology being looked at in the scientific realm.

In addition to Wundt, Sigmund Freud believed that the church had failed to counsel in the correct way, [ citation needed ] so [ citation needed ] he developed psychotherapy , "the talking therapy", apart from the church. These were driving factors behind why the responsibility of counseling was moved [ by whom?

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The church began to fall behind the ever-changing scientific field that seemed to blossom quickly. When Adams did come along he brought the attention back to the church but his influence faded in the s only to be continued by David Powlison. Powlison converted to Christianity in his adult life and became extremely influential in this movement, publishing a journal, the Journal of Biblical Counseling , which made his beliefs known. Powlison aimed to advance what Adams had started. Efforts to combine counseling, psychotherapy or other scientific or academic endeavors with Christian or other religious perspectives or approaches are sometimes called "integration".

Integration of academic subjects with theology has a long history in academia and continues in many colleges and universities that have continued their founding religious underpinnings. Grief Counseling Find Peace and Healing. Sex Therapy Resolve sexual issues and return the passion to your marriage. Women Find help balancing the expectations and challenges of being a woman. Men's Counseling Help navigating all the demands and obstacles of being a man today.

Life Classes Short term classes to help you thrive. We offer a full range of services for helping individuals with the following:.

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Our staff includes medical management to support our certified therapists. We are here to serve you. Contact us to schedule a time with one of our counselors and see how we can help you. Location and Contact Information. Find peace and purpose for your life. Repair, Rebuild and Strengthen Your Marriage.

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