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Frederick says he started running marathons because he didn't have as much time to play squash, which had previously been his main sport. I believe yoga deserves a day of recognition because of what it has brought to my own life. Yoga not only helps with flexibility, but it also teaches breathing, core activation, and strength and stability all at once. The pain ranges from tolerable cramping to excruciating pain requiring the use of over-the-counter drugs such as Advil, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen.

When Karen Malone moved to Canada from Ireland in , she had a high school diploma. She continued adding to her education and experience and her exercise routine to get her to where she is today. Here's what she learned. Our massage therapists, practitioners, and trainers are all frequently asked how often our Members should receive a massage. Should you get a massage a couple of times a year? Living Well.

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The Easiest Exercise to Add to Your What if I told you that you could burn up to times Read more. Exercise makes people feel Do you know what your body is made Maybe you heard it from a doctor Do you know what your body is made of? Fall Back into Your Routine Is it really that time of year again? The kids have gone back Journey Back to the World Cup Understanding Athletic Therapy with Kaitlyn is a In the 5 minutes we have today, let me What is Fascia?

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Fascia is a term used to identify a large fabric of connective tissue that surrounds Over the last few months, the interest in the Theragun has exploded, in large part due What it Feels Like to be Part of A little over a month ago, the Toronto Raptors brought basketball fans across Toronto What it Feels Like to be Part of History Is it Time for a Biomechanical Is it Time for a Biomechanical Running Assessment? Stay Fit this Summer While on Just because you have some There is no Earlier this year, John Frederick, a member at the Cambridge Club, became the first Why I'm Celebrating International I believe yoga deserves a day of recognition because of what it has brought to my own Why I'm Celebrating International Yoga Day I believe yoga deserves a day of recognition because of what it has brought to my own life.

A Drugless Alternative for When Karen Malone moved to Canada from Ireland in , she had a high school diploma Preventative Maintenance Massage For those employed full time, the average workweek is between 35 and 40 hours. Much of the work is in the evening or on weekends. Outlook Employment opportunities in the field of adult education are expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations through , according to the U.

Department of Labor.

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In fact, many courses are subsidized by companies that want their employees to be skilled in the latest trends and technology. Department of Labor, the biggest growth areas are projected to be in computer- and Internetrelated subjects, culinary arts, personal finance, arts and crafts, and self inprovement.

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As demand for adult and vocational education teachers continues to grow, major employers will be vocational high schools, private trade schools, community colleges, and private adult education enterprises. As more of these programs are developed, vocational education teachers will find many more opportunities to work in high schools and training schools. Career guidance technicians collect pertinent information to support both the counselor and applicant during the job search. Approximately , educational, vocational, and school counselors are employed in the United States.

However, it was not until the turn of the century that public interest in improving educational conditions began to develop. The idea of vocational counseling became so popular that by a national conference on vocational guidance was held in Boston. Other state and federal government agencies now involved with vocational guidance services include the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, and the Department of Education. In , the National Career Development Association NCDA , founded in , established a committee for the pre-service and in-service training of vocational guidance personnel.

The NCDA established a national credentialing process in The profession of employment counseling has become important to the welfare of society as well as to the individuals within it. The Job Certified career counselors help people to make decisions and to plan life and career directions.

They tailor strategies and techniques to the specific needs of the person seeking help.

Counselors conduct individual and group counseling sessions to help identify life and career goals. They administer and interpret tests and inventories to assess abilities and interests and identify career options. They may use career planning and occupational information to help individuals better understand the work world.

They assist in developing individualized career plans, teach job-hunting strategies and skills, and help develop resumes. Sometimes this involves resolving personal conflicts on the job.

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They also provide support for people experiencing job stress, job loss, and career transition. A good counselor knows the working world and how to obtain detailed information about specific jobs. To assist with career decisions, counselors must know about the availability of jobs, the probable future of certain jobs, the education or training necessary to enter them, the kinds of salary or other benefits that certain jobs offer, the conditions that certain jobs impose on employees night work, travel, work outdoors , and the satisfaction that certain jobs provide their employees.

College career planning counselors and college placement counselors work exclusively with the students of their universities or colleges. They may specialize in some specific area appropriate to the students and graduates of the school, such as law and education, as well as in part-time and summer work, internships, and field placements. In a liberal arts college, the students may need more assistance in identifying an appropriate career.

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To provide this assistance, the counselor administers interest and aptitude tests and interviews students to determine their career goals. The counselor may work with currently enrolled students who are seeking internships and other work programs while still at school. Alumni who wish to make a career change also seek the services of the career counseling and placement office at their former schools. College placement counselors also gather complete job information from prospective employers and make the information available to interested students and alumni.

Just as counselors try to find applicants for particular job listings, they also must seek out jobs for specific applicants.

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  6. To do this, they will call potential employers to encourage them to consider a qualified individual. College and career planning and placement counselors are responsible for the arrangements and details of on-campus interviews by large corporations. They also maintain an up-to-date library of vocational guidance material and recruitment literature. Counselors also give assistance in preparing the actual job search by helping the applicant to write resumes and letters of application, as well as by practicing interview skills through role-playing and other techniques.

    University-based counselors will set up online accounts on career Web sites for students, giving them access to information regarding potential employers.

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    In two-year colleges the counselor may participate in the planning of course content, and in some smaller schools the counselor may be required to teach as well. The principal duty of career guidance technicians is to help order, catalog, and file materials relating to job opportunities, careers, technical schools, scholarships, careers in the armed forces, and other programs.

    These various materials may be in the form of books, pamphlets, magazine articles, microfiche, videos, computer software, or other media. Often, career guidance technicians help students take and score self-administered tests that determine their aptitude and interest in different careers or job-related activities. If the career guidance center has audiovisual equipment, such as VCRs, DVD players, or film or slide projectors, career guidance technicians are usually responsible for the equipment.

    Requirements High School In order to work in the career and employment counseling field, you must have at least a high school diploma. For most jobs in the field, however, higher education is required. In high school, in addition to studying a core curriculum, with courses in English, history, mathematics, and biology, you should take courses in psychology and sociology. You will also find it helpful to take business and computer science classes. Postsecondary Training In some states, the minimum educational requirement in career and vocational counseling is a graduate degree in counseling or a related field from a regionally accredited higher education institution, and a completed supervised counseling experience, which includes career counseling.

    Such programs are highly recommended if you wish to specialize in vocational and career counseling. These programs are frequently called advanced graduate specialist programs or certificates of advanced study programs. Graduate work includes courses in vocational and aptitude testing, counseling techniques, personnel management and occupational research, industrial relations, and group dynamics and organizational behavior. As in any profession, there is usually an initial period of training for newly hired counselors and counselor trainees.

    Some of the skills you will need as an employment counselor, such as testing-procedures skills and interviewing skills, can be acquired only through on-the-job training. When hiring a career guidance technician, most employers look for applicants who have completed two years of training beyond high school, usually at a junior, community, or technical college. NCCs are certified for a period of five years. In order to be recertified, they must complete contact clock hours of continuing education or pass the examination again.

    In order to receive the NCSC credential, you must complete the above requirements, plus gain field experience in school counseling as a graduate student and then complete three years of post-graduate supervised school counseling. Many states require some type of credentialing or certification for counselors, and all states require those who work in school settings to be certified.

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    Other Requirements In order to succeed as a career counselor, you must have a good background in education, training, employment trends, the current labor market, and career resources. You should be able to provide your clients with information about job tasks, functions, salaries, requirements, and the future outlook of broad occupational fields.

    Knowledge of testing techniques and measures of aptitude, achievement, interests, values, and personality is required. The ability to evaluate job performance and individual effectiveness is helpful. You must also have management and administrative skills. Upper Saddle River, N. Bolles, Richard Nelson and Howard E. Berkeley, Calif.

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