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A collection of short stories with illustrations. Every raindrop on the necklace gives her special powers. I forget the middle part of the story but it ends where the girl's teardrop forms the last raindrop on the necklace. I think the book listed in the reply might be the one. Howard R. I just returned to my office this morning to find your response. You are just incredible.

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Thank you so much. I shall pursue the task of trying to locate this book. The copy which we had during our growing up years vanished years ago. My sister's birthday is today and this news will make a wonderful gift. Thank you again. Call Ms. NY Putnam 's.

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My guess would be this book, a much-remembered and now very expensive book about an animal architect, each of whose houses are specially suited to the animal client. The illustrations are said to be very distinctive and memorable.

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Never seen it myself. Aileen Fisher. Illustrated by Susan Bonners, Anybody Home? You might want to take a look at this one. The description and dates are about right. I submitted the A stumper, and you have posted it as "solved", but I'm not sure it is. I have been online, been to large children's booksellers in Canada and have not been able to see the cover of "Need a House?

Mouse" or "Anybody Home? I do not know whether either of these are the correct book. The latter does ring a bell, but again I need to see some or any artwork. The first book is very rare, out of print and expensive, so not easy to obtain - which I would bother to if I knew it was the right book, but an expensive risk to take if it isn't.

I don't know if you can be of any assistance in this area, or if you can keep it posted til I know it's the right book - some more people might have suggestions I believe I have looked at the library of congress listings already. This has to be it! Need a House? Henrietta Mouse is the world famous decorator, designer, builder, artist,etc who designs fabulous and elaborate homes for all the creatures with the assistance of her little mouse helpers.

Trout's underwater residence resembles the lost Atlantis and Mole has a great spiral staircase leading up to his entrance! Pig's baronial home look like it's straight from England- complete with formal gardens. Wonderful and clever designs!

I noticed you moved A back to the solutions page, which was psychic of you as I just discovered that Need a House? I finally got it through a library and was able to leaf through. But my mind is finally at rest. Thank you. You have a great, great service. I am recommending your site and store to all the book-lovers in my life.

Extra Information: Hi there! I finally found this beloved book from my childhood by logging onto your website BUT I know the book as having the title of House by Mouse , as it was originally released and sold as in Australia. Call Ms Mouse and they have slight differences in terms of language style and format but the illustrations, however, remain the same in both books. Chad Walsh, Nellie and her Flying Crocodile , I haven't read it, but there can't be too many books about Nellie and Her Flying Crocodile.

Author is Chad Walsh. From the WorldCat library database: Title: Nellie and her flying crocodile. W Responsibility: Pictures by Marc Simont. Louisa May Alcott , Nelly's Hospital. Its a short story written during or shortly after the Civil War. Nelly is inspired to start a hospital for animals after her brother Will, a wounded soldier, tells her about the nurses in his hospital. I sent in "Nelly's Hospital" as the answer to this stumper earlier. This sounds like the story Nelly's Hospital found in a collection here.

This is it. I'd never have guessed it was so well known--it seemed so obscure at the time! Thank you for figuring out which book I was thinking of!! Jeanette Gilge, Never Miss a Sunset , c. I read this book several times while in high school.

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She reads a page a day, on the date that she's actually living, and soon realizes she's living the words written in the diary, and that she has to help the author in some way. She succeeds, and when she opens the diary after that, all the pages are blank, except for the last entry that says something like "Thank You. Not a solution, but I think the one about a boy and a book is Michael Ende's Neverending Story - which was filmed - and is not quite the same as the girl and the diary one, which sounds rather like Vivien Alcock, though I can't think of a specific title.

Good luck! The last person is talking about The Neverending Story , a children's classic novel, original edition in alternating green and red ink now quite valuable - although it is also published as a regular paperback. It is an incredibly intricate, well-written and profound book He is thanked by Fantastica, the world in the book, for "saving their world", but it doesn't sound like this is the book you're looking for, although quite similar.

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That one is about a little girl who finds a picture of herself as a baby, but there aren't any illustrations of her looking out of a window. Eloise Wilkens, The New Baby , , reprint. However, I found that there are actually three different covers and the one I was look for is from and shows the mother, little boy, and the new baby. Thanks so much! This site is awesome!!! Norman Lloyd , arr.

This book has a black cover background, and mary Blair did the illustrations - with her trademark kids with tiny feet. Both songs noted are included. A Giant Golden Book. The cover shows a little house in the middle of a forest with a father sitting on the front lawn a young boy, girl and squirrel sitting with him and a mother in an upstairs window. This must be the book. I am also looking for this book. Please keep trying. I also though of another one. This would be a small book like a Little Golden Book.

Thanks Again. William Gottlieb, The New Kittens , She wasn't a teenager, though, so this probably isn't it. There is a book - Merry By Name , by J.

Birthright Series

Wayne , illustrated by M. Palmer , published London, Heinemann , pages, which may be closer. Oppenheimer, a wealthy American, comes to stay with a happy-go-lucky English family, with whom money is far less plentiful. Yet the very feeling of belonging to each other, which was Kate's, Hop's, Rupert's and Mark's birthright seems to make Merry subdued and thoughtful, and later when the family visit the Isle of Wight and go to see two elderly ladies, Merry seems to know the house. Eventually she admits that she is adopted, and the old ladies think that her real mother may have been a local girl who married an American soldier.

This proves to be true and all ends happily when Merry's adopted parents decide to make their home in England. The youngest daughter is a teenager named Merry who wants to be an actress and runs away. She dies her hair red, and on the road to London stops at a country house where the family is preparing an amateur theater production. They take her in, and she eventually becomes engaged to the son of the house, but ultimately she goes back to her family, leaving a note for her "fiance" explaining that she's only Merry's story is only one part of this book. Christabel Mattingley , New Patches for old.

Girl's name is Patricia. I'm sure this is the right book, it all fits. She finds it difficult to fit in at first for several reasons, particularly as she is poor and shabby. There's another girl called Patricia in the class who very much resents someone else with her name, and makes things difficult for her.

Christobel Mattingley, New Patches for Old, Talk about quick service. New Patches for old is the correct answer. Thank you so much to whoever it was that figured it out.

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I have managed to find a copy of the book and am looking forward to reading it again and then having my daughters read it to.