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Strength of character and self-possession.

Toward integral consciousness

Physical strength, endurance, sexuality, handsomeness and charm. Person: bold and generous.

Animal trainer. Reversed Strength Qualities: weakness, querulousity, anger, rage, powerlessness, aggression.

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IX Hermit Search for truth. Tarot Card Symbols: a man wrapped from head to toe in a, dark-violet coat is descending stairs into the darkness and unknown. He is leaving behind the sunlight of the day, the people and bustle of the world and is going into the depth to search for something. This is the Hermit. The oil lamp in his hand illuminates his detached face and the darkness around him. The lamp is the light of wisdom, the inner fire of knowledge.

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It only illuminates the space immediately around him, suggesting that many surprises and challenges await him. The lamp casts a long shadow on the stairs: the more we understand ourselves and gain wisdom and enlightenment, the longer our shadows become, and the closer and stronger the appeal of the unknown is. This is the strength and support of the Spirit on the road to self-knowledge.

The open door separates the space of daylight from a different life; it is the border between the external and internal world of a human being, into which he sinks into absolute solitude and humility. The Hermit is turning away from the sunlight, preferring his own inner light. Qualities: restraint, introversion, coldness, alienation, loneliness, wisdom, concentration and withdrawal.

Self-discipline and asceticism. Unsociability, shyness. Caution, conscience. Person: wise elder, counsellor and mentor, teacher, conductor. Those who serve for the benefit of others and carry the light of truth. Psychotherapist, ascetic, scholar, hermit.


Internal counsellor — soul driver. Reversed Hermit Qualities: fixedness, secrecy, powerlessness, falsehood, suspicion, fatigue, deception. X Wheel of Fortune Cycling.

Mage the Awakening - Imperial Mysteries

Tarot Card Symbols: a large roulette wheel embraces the entire globe. Above the roulette wheel stands success, inspiration, euphoria. The man raises his hands up in joy: he has won money or achieved what he wanted and he feels his greatness — he is trying to touch heaven! Below the wheel stands failure, captivity, slavery and poverty. Though he might have yesterday been successful and contented, the man has now lost everything; he has been chained and sent to prison.

The roulette wheel spins, the phases of success and failure alternate; this is the rhythm in which the earth revolves. Everything flows and changes every second, supporting the process of perpetual becoming and destruction. The law of roulette or randomness represents God will or disposition, reflecting in caprices of Fortune, in sudden changes in human destiny. The Wheel of Fortune is also the law of karma, the law of cause and effect that determines our destiny. Qualities: mobility, variability, expansion, unpredictability, synchronicity, perspective, instability.

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Person: gambler, man of the world, windy, changeable. Businessman working with shares or in the stock market. Producer, advertiser or mass media man, journalist. Travelling salesman.

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Reversed Wheel of Fortune Qualities: untimeliness, bad luck, fussiness, discord, uncontrollability. XI Justice Fairness.

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In her left hand she holds scales, and in the right she holds a sword. The scales represent the idea of equilibrium and balance of forces in the Universe. Themis represents the ability of balance and calm, which lets us see the objective truth and administer justice. Her gaze is cold, aloof; she looks down upon us, expressing the incorruptibility and detachment of true justice. Nothing stirs Themis or moves the bowl of her scales. Only at the time of death when the balance is broken will the eternal justice of the sword blade destroy what is not balanced and will call the soul to justice.

Only balanced forces have the right to exist. Themis sends us to the law of karma — we reap what we sow — and embodies karma in action. Red and black columns in the background represent life and the death, between which Themis sits. She personifies the Principle of Fairness, devoid of feelings and emotions. It is no coincidence that the floor she is sitting on consists of black and white tiles, pointing to the ability of our minds to combine the opposite sides of one phenomenon into a coherent picture that emphasises the paradoxality of human behaviour and the human soul.

Qualities: cold blood, honesty, courage, absence of emotions, boldness. Seriousness, equality. Person: judge, lawyer, mediator, lawyer or person responsible for execution of documents. People engaged in court proceedings and commissioning activity. Writers, critics, teachers. Strict principal, head teacher or another official. Investigators, police officers. Reversed Justice Qualities: dishonesty, distortion, unrighteousness, confusion, bitterness and pugnacity.

Tarot Card Symbols: against a background of sea and sky, we see a man hanging upside down. He is tied up to a branch by his left leg; his right leg is bent at the knee and his hands are spread out in full openness and detachment, as if the he has given himself up completely to the will of God. The yellow, blue and green colours of the card remind us of the element of water, representing the mystical depth of this Tarot lesson. The man hanged upside down is defenceless and has completely accepted his fate. He is resigned and has surrendered the reins of control.

This image represents a profound revolution in human destiny wherein the world as we know it is turned upside down and the mind transits to a stage of a different world perception. No wonder this card was an indicator of mystical devotion and gaining insight into the spiritual world.

Qualities: consent, humility, admission, helplessness, dedication, altruism, self-devotion. Person: mystic, artist, healer, sage. Shaman practicing asceticism and spiritual teachings. Patient, a man in crisis or deadlock. Reversed Hanged Man Qualities: selfishness, immaturity, idleness and futility, posturing and swagger.

Spiritual materialism. Tarot Card Symbols: a fiery horse rearing up on its hind legs; its rider is Death himself, carrying a scythe. The horse tramples a dead body lying on the ground. It is no longer a man — only dust and ashes.